Minimum rental before delivery is $200. Prices listed are per unit per week. More details

Oversized Props

Rental Request
Product No. 404
Oversized WHITE heart
76in high x 76in wide x 22in deep
Product No. 1
Oversized fuchsia shopping bag
Product No. 2
White glossy XL vase
Product No. 3
Oversized hot pink hanger
Product No. 4
Oversized hot pink lipstick
Product No. 5
Oversized wood chair
Product No. 6
Oversized high heel shoe black
Product No. 7, 8, 9
Oversized black frame wood
36in x 84in, 48in x 96in, 50in x 86in
Product No. 10
Oversized champagne glasses
$450 (this item has to be moved by Miles Display)
Product No.
Pink phone booth (flowers not included)
29in wide x 90in high x 29in deep
$350 (this item has to be moved by Miles Display)
Product No.
Oversized Barbie box (props not included)
7ft tall x 4ft wide x 3ft deep

Western / Stampede / Vintage

Rental Request
Product No. 11
Full size wood barrels
$1500 (incl. delivery)
Product No. 12
Red vintage tractor
Product No. 13
Vintage wooden wagon wheels
$1500 (incl. delivery)
Product No. 14
Vintage green wood wagon with seat
$1000 (incl. delivery)
Product No. 15
Vintage red wood wagon flatbed
$1700 (incl. delivery)
Product No. 16
Vintage blue GMC truck
Product No. 18
Vintage windows asstd
various sizes
Product No. 19
Vintage trunks asstd
various sizes
Product No. 20
Vintage cast iron clawfoot tub
Product No. 21
Military suitcases distressed
Product No. 22
Vintage suitcases asstd
various sizes
Product No. 23
Distressed metal wash stand, small
Product No. 24
Distressed metal wash stand, medium
Product No. 25
Faux wood barrel brown
Product No. 26
Faux wood barrel blue
Product No. 27
Faux wood barrel dark red
Product No. 28
Faux wood barrel yellow
Product No. 29
Stampede "string art" boot
3ft x 2ft
Product No. 30
Stampede "string art" star
30in x 30in
Product No. 31
Asstd stuffed coffee burlap bags
Product No. 32
Topiaries in white pots
various sizes
Product No. 33
Wood bench w/denim cushion
Product No. 34
Vintage wooden chairs asstd
Product No. 35
Wood stool
Product No. 36
Faux wood wagon wheel
Product No. 37
Tractor seat stools red and brown
Product No. 38
Circus bench
Product No. 39
Carousel horse classic
Product No. 400
Carousel horse pink


Rental Request
Product No. 40
Black metal bench
Product No. 41
Gold painted wood chairs asstd w/animal print upholstery
18in high seat
Product No. 42
Industrial round stools, orange/yellow/blue
15in round
Product No. 43
Gold brocade provincial 3-seater sofa
Product No. 44
Bistro tables hot pink/white
Product No. 45
Bistro chairs hot pink/white
Product No. 46
White metal butterfly bench
Product No. 47
Teal french provincial 3-seater sofa (hardened)
Product No. 48
Faux grass modern bench
20in high seat, 68in long
Product No. 49
Lavender French Provincial 2-seater sofa (hardened)
Product No. 50
Lavender French Provincial 3-seater sofa (hardened)
Product No. 51
Metal locker grey single
Product No. 52
Metal lockers grey 3 bank
Product No. 53
Metal lockers orange/yellow


Rental Request
Product No. 401
Red light structure (lights included)
unassembled (extra charge for assembly on site)
Product No. 402
Rustic cabin
Product No. 403
Market booth
unassembled (extra charge for assembly on site)
Product No. 54
White gazebo
unassembled (extra charge for assembly on site)
Product No. 55
Roos Riser round white
Product No. 56
Roos Riser square white
Product No. 58
Counter Culture surfboard
Product No. 59
Wire bustforms asstd
Product No. 60
Distressed Canada flags wooden handmade LARGE
32 x 48 in
Product No. 61
Distressed Canada flags wooden handmade SMALL
24 x 36 in
Product No. 62
Lime green picket fence
37 x 82 in
Product No. 63
Asstd step ladders wooden pink/white/wood
Product No. 64
Bustform on stand - green leather
Product No. 65
Bustform acrylic
Product No. 66
Bustform on stand paper mache
Product No. 67
Asstd white metal bird cages
Product No. 68
Asstd black birdcages
Product No. 69
Asstd wood and metal risers (sets of 2, 3 or singles)
Product No. 70
Grass balls, green/pink/yellow/orange
Product No. 71
Asstd succulents
Product No. 72
Coloured suitcases, pink/yellow/green/purple
Product No. 73
Multi-shelf A-frame fruit stand metal
16 L x 34 W x 43in H
Product No. 74
Canada sign
Product No. 75
Metal maple leaf (two different sizes)
Product No. 76
Maple leaf paddle wood
Product No. 77
Red beetle slice (presents, tree and lights not included)
Product No. 78
Turquoise retro fridge
Product No. 79
Wooden arch
Product No. 80
Wood framed moss panels
24in x 8ft
Product No. 81
Picket fence white
Product No. 85
Ornate metal head and foot board
Product No. 86
Ornate fireplace surround
3ft x 7ft
Product No. 87
Ornate metal gate white
Product No. 150
Egg covered in mint silk peonies with vase
5ft (incl. vase)
Product No. 151
Egg covered in pink silk peonies with vase
5ft (incl. vase)
Product No. 152
Egg covered in white silk peonies with vase
5ft (incl. vase)

Rental Terms


Minimum rental before delivery is $200.

Prices are per unit and based on a 1 week rental. All prices are subject to change without notice. All rentals are subject to availability upon the time of booking.

Payment/Security Deposit:

Full payment is due 2-3 days prior to delivery or at the time of customer pick up. We accept Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer or cash. A credit card number and signature of the cardholder is required for loss or damage of equipment. Without this, the rentals will not be released.

Delivery and Pick Up:

We offer delivery and pick up services. We are based in Okotoks AB. Basic delivery fees are between $50-$150 based on volume, distance, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm delivery and ground level access within Calgary City limits.

Additional charges will apply for deliveries outside Calgary City limits (with the exception of Okotoks), deliveries outside Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, stairs, elevators or if items need to be carted more than minimal distances. This policy applies to all props. Please call for quote.

Pick up can be arranged Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. We are based in Okotoks AB.

Rental Request

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